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Beginning Ruby

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This is the first within a series of three Nanodegree programs designed to take you from no programming experience to a senior-level position. Check out the entire series of Nanodegree programs:

  1. Beginning Ruby Nanodegree Program

  2. Ruby on Rails Developer Nanodegree Program

  3. Senior Ruby on Rails Developer Nanodegree Program


Do you want to build applications for the web? Great! Are you new to programming? No problem. You’ve just got a few things to learn first, because in order to succeed as a web developer, you need a strong foundation in programming. The good news is, this Nanodegree program will provide that for you.

In this program, you’ll be learning Ruby, a modern programming language the reads almost like English, making it perfect for beginners! This will prepare you to learn Ruby on Rails, a powerful framework which uses Ruby and powers websites like GitHub, Groupon, and Twitter. Throughout the Nanodegree program, you’ll hear from major voices in the industry, including the creator of the Ruby language himself!

At Udacity, we have an outcome-based approach. You will work on projects that showcase your progressive skills mastery, with an end goal of creating a diverse student portfolio that highlights your newfound skills as a Ruby developer. Over the course of the Nanodegree program, you'll develop a strong foundation in practical application development and object-oriented programming. These are critical skills for anyone interested in a career in web application development. You'll create a game simulator, analyze data and produce reports, and even build your own program.

 What is a Nanodegree Program Curriculum?

A Nanodegree program is both a curriculum and a credential, developed in partnership with leading technology companies. Our belief is the best way to establish the ultimate hireability of our students is to see them certified with credentials created - and endorsed - by the very companies where they want to work. We make this possible by:

  • creating best-in-class courses taught by expert instructors
  • deploying a responsive and rigorous review model
  • enabling the creation of viable employer-ready work portfolios
  • equipping students with the presentation skills necessary to show themselves in the best career light possible


 Why Take This Nanodegree Program?

According to Indeed, there are currently over 19,000 unfilled Ruby on Rails developer positions, making Ruby an in-demand language for startups around the world. To be a successful Ruby on Rails developer, you’ll need to first understand the principles of programming with Ruby. We've partnered with industry leaders to craft a curriculum expressly designed to set you up for success in this exciting field. You’ll gain exclusive insights from industry leaders, including Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby.

In this Nanodegree program, you’ll complete a number of projects focused on developing a strong foundation in the Ruby language and the tools you’ll actually use on the job, such as Sublime Text, the command line, version control, and GitHub. Upon graduating from the program, you will have built a strong portfolio that will showcase your Ruby programming skills. You will also be prepared to move on to Ruby on Rails development.

 Prerequisites and Requirements

  • You have access to a computer with a broadband connection, on which you’ll install a professional code/text editor (e.g. Sublime Text or Atom).

See the Technology Requirements for using Udacity.

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