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  1. The Power of Markets

    The course will give you the tools with which to understand and predict market phenomena. A large dose of real-world applications will be provided along the way. These applications illustrate the power and relevance of underlying microeconomic theory while providing you a valuable opportunity to put the theory into practice.

  2. Globalization of Business Enterprise

    The majority of businesses say they want to become more global. And business leaders say that the lack of people with global intelligence is the key constraint holding them back. This course will address both gaps — at the business and the personal level, it will focus on practical strategies for dealing with the real consequences of globalization.
  3. Principles of Microeconomics

    Learn how markets work, what they accomplish well and what their limitations are.
  4. Welcome to Game Theory

    This course provides a brief introduction to game theory. Our main goal is to understand the basic ideas behind the key concepts in game theory, such as equilibrium, rationality, and cooperation. A number of applications in economics, politics, and biology will be discussed.
  5. Technology Commercialization, Part 1: Setting up your Idea Filtering System

    New ideas based on high-technology research have a high failure rate because they hit the ground running with lopsided priorities and misalignments. Students complete this course with an Innovation Creed (“Why are you doing this?”) and a customized Idea Filter (“Are you working on the right priorities?”)—2 simple tools that steer concept-stage commercialization to success.
  6. Macroeconomic Forecasting

    Learn how to create and assess forecasting models to predict macroeconomic variables such as inflation and economic growth

  7. Essentials of Corporate Financial Analysis and Decision-Making Capstone

    The final project will require participants to apply the skills they have developed across each of the four courses of the Specialization, by taking on the role of a financial advisor to a corporation that faces a specific strategic decision.
  8. Asociaciones Público Privadas: Implementando Soluciones en Latinoamérica y el Caribe

    El curso analiza la concepción, selección, diseño e implementación de las Asociaciones Público Privadas en ALC, determinando los beneficios y riesgos que este tipo de figuras contractuales tienen para el sector público y privado y, por tanto, para la gestión de estrategias y proyectos de desarrollo de un país.

    Learn the basic principles to take into consideration when selecting, planning, designing and implementing a Public-Private Partnership in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  9. Alianças Público Privadas para o Desenvolvimento: Implementando Soluções no Brasil

    O curso analisa a concepção, seleção, projetos e implementação das Alianças Público Privadas, identificando os benefícios e riscos que esse tipo de disposições contratuais possuem para os Setores Público e Privado.

  10. Build eCommerce site with WordPress Build eCommerce site with WordPress

    Build eCommerce site with WordPress

    Learn how to build a professional eCommerce website using WordPress and WordPress Plugins.

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  11. Risk and Opportunity: Managing Risk for Development

    Risks are a part of our everyday lives. Losses from risks and missed opportunities affect everyone. In the last two decades the world has experienced international integration, technological innovation, and economic reform, but also financial turbulence and environmental damage. The fear of loss can prevent people from pursuing development opportunities, leaving many poor people trapped in poverty. However, societies that successfully adapt to risks can make dramatic gains in their living standards.
  12. Data Management for Clinical Research

    Learn critical concepts and practical methods to support research data planning, collection, storage and dissemination.
  13. The Role of the Renminbi in the International Monetary System

    This course will discuss various aspects of the Renminbi internationalization, including the reform of the international monetary system, the opportunities and challenges to internationalize the Renminbi, the evolution of China's monetary and exchange rate policies, and the implications of the Renminbi internationalization for Hong Kong.
  14. Launching New Ventures / Lancer une Startup

    Develop your promising idea into a successful business concept proposal, and launch it! Gain practical experience in the key steps of the venture creation process, including marketing and fundraising. Sharpen your entrepreneurial mindset!

    Transformez votre idée prometteuse en un projet concret d’entreprise et lancez la pour de vrai. Apprenez les principales étapes du processus de création d’entreprise, y compris marketing et levée de fonds. Affûtez votre esprit d’entrepreneur.

  15. American Health Policy: The Structure of the American Health Care System (Part I of II)

    This course will explain the structure of the American health care system and explore the many problems of this complicated system. Part I of II.
  16. Valuing Projects and Companies

    This course is a theoretically sound and practical exposure to valuation. As the final course of the Specialization, it will be useful to anyone in understanding, conducting or critically evaluating project and company analyses conducted by experts. 

  17. Rethinking Ageing: Are we prepared to live longer?

    Population ageing is occurring in nearly every country around the word. This MOOC takes a multidisciplinary approach to explore the impact of living longer and takes into account the technological advancements, the built environment, economics and ethics to rethink what it means to 'age well' now and in the future.

  18. Sustainability of Food Systems: A Global Life Cycle Perspective

    This course explores the diversity of the foods we eat, the ways in which we grow, process, distribute, and prepare them, and the impacts they have upon our environment, health, and society. We will also examine the challenges and opportunities of creating a more sustainable global food system in the future.

  19. New World, New Map: GPS for Today’s Music Industry

    This course provides an engaging and methodical insight into the past and present cultural and commercial music industry developments, directions, and trends. It will equip the students with the knowledge and skills necessary to appreciate, understand and more productively participate in today’s music industry field.  

  20. Principles of Economics for Scientists

    Quantitative and model-based introduction to basic ideas in economics, and applications to a wide range of real world problems.
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