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  1. Apple Watch - ALL you Want to know before buying Apple Watch - ALL you Want to know before buying

    Apple Watch - ALL you Want to know before buying

    Be confident choosing the best Apple Watch for you.

    Regular Price: $20.00

    Special Price $10.00

  2. Introduction to Arduino Introduction to Arduino

    Introduction to Arduino

    Course Description

    Over 1,000 students

    Over 25 5 star ratings

    One of the top Arduino courses on Udemy

    Bonus content added regularly. Latest update on 17-Nov-15. We will keep adding new content, so that our students have something to look forward to

    All our students (Makerdemy brand) get VIP pricing ($8) for all our new courses. We have 10 courses under our brand and will be releasing a new course every 2 months.

     Arduino is one of the cost effective boards you can purchase & start programming with to interact with physical elements using logic & create results the way you want it. It can be used in your Engineering projects, Industrial Projects and Home Automation related projects.

    The course lesson will explain “How to work on Arduino" using C Language. This course works best for you if you own an Arduino UNO.

    Why Learn Arduino?

    If you an Engineering or Science student you might come across projects in which you want Physical interaction with your computer system.

    The Arduino development environment makes it easy to write code and upload it to the i/o board. You can use Arduino language(C\C++) to interface with Arduino hardware.

    This course is for anyone who is interested in learning about Arduino. The course does not require any prior knowledge about Arduino. It is designed to introduce the Arduino hardware and programming environment to get you started on building projects.

    However, basic knowledge of C programming is essential to understand this course. No experience is required, and all you need is an Arduino and several low cost components.

    In this course, I will walk you through a project called "The Blind Man Guide". In this project, an ultrasonic sensor is fitted on to a cap and is powered by Arduino which measures the distance and also alerts about objects or obstacles in front of the device. By wearing this cap, a blind person can be alerted about objects or obstacles in front of him.

    I will teach you step by step how to go about building this project. I will also share the code with you so that you can replicate the project yourself.

    At the end of the course, you'll be fully familiarized with Arduino and ready to build your own applications and devices. If you're interested in Arduino, or microcontrollers in general, and don't know where to Start - you've found the perfect course. I look forward to you joining this course.

    What are the requirements?

    • You would need to download the Arduino IDE software
    • Complete Arduino kit
    • Thin wires to solder and jumper wires

    Regular Price: $200.00

    Special Price $10.00

  3. Raspberry Pi Robotics Raspberry Pi Robotics

    Raspberry Pi Robotics

    Course Description

    After creating a successful intermediate course on IoT, We are back with another stunning course that will take your intermediate coding skills to the advance level. Raspberry Pi Robotics is ideal for those who are inquisitive in exploring the possibilities of IoT using Raspberry Pi 2. The course assumes basic knowledge of computer hardware and software. However, knowledge of Python programming will help you in getting up to speed.

    You will learn how to connect L239D Integrated circuit to the GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi and control the DC bo motor. You will code the integrated circuit to rotate the motor in different directions and accept the user keyboard input to run the robot in user defined space. Implementation of IoT through Python programming will make the device remotely accessible. If you are a technology enthusiast and want to learn the cutting edge technology then this is the right course for you.

    The course provides the complete source code of the real time project.

    The entire course can be completed over a fortnight, including the hardware assembly and coding in Python programming.

    By the end of this course, you will have fundamental knowledge about building a basic robot using Raspberry Pi 2 and control it remotely.

    What are you waiting for? Enroll now!

    What are the requirements?

    • Basic knowledge of Python programming.
    • Basic knowledge of handling Raspberry Pi.

    What am I going to get from this course?

    • Over 20 lectures and 35 mins of content!
    • Learn how to connect L239D integrated circuit to the GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi.
    • Get to know how to use the concept of dual H bridge and run the motor in different directions.
    • Learn how to capture keyboard key stroke using Python programming.
    • Learn to Code using Python programming and control the robot wirelessly.

    What is the target audience?

    • This is an advance course on Raspberry Pi 2 meant for those who want to explore the possibilities of robotics using the mini kit.

    Regular Price: $95.00

    Special Price $10.00

  4. SOC Verification using SystemVerilog

    A comprehensive course that teaches System on Chip design verification concepts and coding in SystemVerilog Language
  5. Learn 5 PLC's in a Day-AB, Siemens, Schneider, Omron & Delta Learn 5 PLC's in a Day-AB, Siemens, Schneider, Omron & Delta

    Learn 5 PLC's in a Day-AB, Siemens, Schneider, Omron & Delta

    PLC Programming of Allen Bradley, Delta, Siemens, Omron & Schneider using LIVE Examples with HMI Interfacing

    Regular Price: $50.00

    Special Price $10.00

  6. Master Arduino without coding Master Arduino without coding

    Master Arduino without coding

    Learn how to use Arduino and Scratch4Arduino to control devices like motors and LEDs and make real time projects.

    Regular Price: $95.00

    Special Price $10.00

  7. Introduction to Raspberry Pi Introduction to Raspberry Pi

    Introduction to Raspberry Pi

    Learn how to create software and hardware projects using Raspberry Pi and Python.

    Regular Price: $95.00

    Special Price $10.00

  8. PLC Programming From Scratch

    This course will give a person with no prior experience the basic tools necessary to create a PLC program from scratch.
  9. Arduino Step by Step: Your complete guide Arduino Step by Step: Your complete guide

    Arduino Step by Step: Your complete guide

    Learn how to create electronic projects with the Arduino, the world's friendliest electronics prototyping platform!

    Regular Price: $140.00

    Special Price $10.00

  10. How To Build a Computer: A Beginner's Guide How To Build a Computer: A Beginner's Guide

    How To Build a Computer: A Beginner's Guide

    Build a computer from scratch, while learning about each component and how they work along the way.

    Regular Price: $25.00

    Special Price $10.00

  11. Introduction to mBot Introduction to mBot

    Introduction to mBot

    Course Description

    This cute little fella is the mBot a do-it-yourself educational robot kit from robotics experts Makeblock. Built around the Arduino open-source platform, it's designed to induct kids into the fields of robotics and programming. The company chose to build around the concept of STEM education: science, technology, engineering & mathematics. Specifically, it helps children get an early start into these disciplines. There are two versions of the mBot: a Bluetooth version for home use and a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi version, which is designed for classroom use.

    Everything that you need to build it is in the box in a nutshell, you need to assemble it using the precise instructions provided and add batteries. There are 45 pieces and it's easy to put them together in about 15 minutes. It's neatly packaged and consists of very high quality materials. Every little part that you need from the main Arduino board, DC motors, to each screw, cable and even a set of tools is in the box. It comes pre-programmed but it's also designed to be tinkered with. Parent of pre-teens might be familiar with Scratch. It’s a free, graphical based programming language developed by MIT Media Lab.

    Well, Makeblock has built their own version for this and called it mBlock. The idea behind mBlock is that younger children can start out with graphical programming and move on to text-based programming as they become more advanced.

    Ultimately, once you put everything together, mBot can move around and avoid obstacles on its own, follow a line on the ground or just accept commands from the supplied IR remote controller. With the Makeblock app, you can control the robots wirelessly. For children, especially, it can be a surreal experience: actually building something out of tiny parts and seeing it come to 'life'. And there's no limit to what you can do add more parts, add another robot to play games or program your own actions. This is what will inspire the next generation of engineers.

    What are the requirements?

    • mBot Educational robot kit
    • You will need to download the mBlock and Arduino IDE software
    • Adobe Air version 17.0+
    • Windows or Mac operating system

    What am I going to get from this course?

    • Over 16 lectures and 33 mins of content!
    • Program robot wirelessly.
    • Line-following vehicle
    • Remote control car
    • Control the speed of fan by using ultrasonic sensor
    • Interact with physical world.
    • Create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.

    Regular Price: $95.00

    Special Price $10.00

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