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International Marketing in Asia

International Marketing in Asia

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International Marketing in Asia

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About this Course

This course brings together two key subjects, International Marketing and Asia. It will provide the basic foundations of international marketing and explain them in the Asian context, more specifically marketing to Asia, marketing from Asia, and marketing with Asia (Asia as a brand). People who successfully complete this course will obtain the following outcomes: (1) a better understanding of marketing concepts in the specific context of companies and consumers in an important region. (2) for practitioners, acquire hands-on tools to apply these concepts to their products and target country markets. (3) learn that international marketing is about striking the right balance between maximizing the similarities across cultures (Etic approach) and customizing marketing (Emic approach) to important local differences, and (4) learn from interviews with experts, many of whom have decades of field and academic experience in marketing in Asia. This course will be unique in its focus on Asia-centered marketing and its integration of theory and practice.


1. Introduction

Professor Dae Ryun Chang explains the learning agenda for this course. A key concept introduced is "Noon Nopi" which means "Eye Level" and it will act as the cornerstone definition of marketing. This bonus section includes a summary video about the course, the syllabus, and a sample chapter from a suggested reading, "Mastering Noon Nopi: The Art & Science of Marketing in Asia."

2. Asia’s Emergence as a Focus for International Marketing

What is “Marketing”? In this first lesson you will learn the concept of Marketing and of the components involved in its effective execution. After introducing the foundation and fundamentals for you to build upon throughout this course, we will explore the importance of “Brands” and then begin our journey into Marketing to, from, and with Asia.

3. Leading the Future with International Marketing Strategy in Asia

This lesson will begin with marketing strategy from the basic level to the international level and talk about why marketing myopia should be avoided. After studying the concept of strategy, you will learn about the VSA framework, which is a useful tool in finding weak signals as well as a defensive tool in surviving marketing tsunamis. Next, we will take a look at how culture plays a role in marketing, and analyze Asian businesses with a cultural platform. Moreover, ‘transing’ will be introduced as a strategy for changing the world. We will apply ‘transing’ to not only brands, such as Starbucks, but also other facets of life including even “individuals”. Finally, Asiana-Cobra, another tool for analyzing Asian brands, will be introduced in the last segment of this module. In addition to an in-depth explanation of this powerful tool, we will apply it to real life companies, such as LG and Lotte, as an example.

4. Business to Consumer (B2C) Strategies for Asian Markets

What aspects must a good marketer take into consideration when marketing to the consumers? In this third lesson we will explore B2C marketing and you will learn about consumer behavior, insight, influences, and responses. You will learn how to become a Marketing CSI agent and then learn how to apply a Mini VSA Model to the target consumer. In addition we will integrate what you learn with Noon Nopi and Marketing Execution, apply what you learn to a real world company scenario, and analyze an in-depth look into the many different consumers in Asia.

5. Business to Business (B2B) Strategies for Asian Markets

What is B2B Marketing and what is the proper procedure to its approach? In this lesson, we will explore how businesses market to other businesses and many complex components are involved, including Buying Centers, Selling Centers, Buying Procedures, Push and Pull, and Total Marketing. You will learn how to effectively execute B2B Marketing in a global context and the importance of relationships and team play in your strategy.

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