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Affiliate Marketing with Apple iTunes Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing with Apple iTunes Affiliate Program

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Affiliate Marketing with Apple iTunes Affiliate Program

Forget about creating your own products or maintaining an expensive technical/customer support.


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More than 300 students learning together, thank you all for the high interest!

## Updates

New lecture (Aug 2015): earn money with Apple Music!

New lecture: potential earnings lesson now has an Excel version.

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## What is a SKILL PILL?

A skill pill is an action course, where I grind and filter the most relevant information so you can understand the key concepts, and apply them to your life or business right away.

Learn by doing, not by watching courses on your screen!

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One of the best thing about iTunes Affiliate Program, is that you can start for FREE, because join it doesn't cost you a penny, zero, nada. Forget about fees to amortise! And as far as Udemy offers you 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked, you are actually missing out money not taking this course.

Start a new business from the ground is hard stuff.

No one know you. No one trust you. And if they don't trust you, they won't give you their money.

Apple tops Best Global brands every year. Everyone loves and trusts the company.

Why don't take advantage of that and let Apple do the boring stuff like deal with payments, customers and refunds for you?

Why spend a lot of time building a product you are not sure people will buy, when you can just simply use other's?

Thousands of new Apps, Books and much more products are hitting the Online Stores every single day. Be the first to promote them and take the piece of the cake you deserve.

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This course will take you from the very beginning, where you could know nothing about affiliates, to the point where you will be able to put a new high quality product on sale within just a minute and a bunch of clicks.

You'll learn the basis about affiliates, its benefits, and the most common mistakes you must avoid to become successful.

Learn how iTunes affiliate links work, and increase your conversion rates by discovering all the secrets behind them.

Use the Workflows I've prepared for you, and save tons of hours creating affiliate links.

Remember that you will be able to manage everything online and sell to anyone anywhere, you will have the world's largest marketplace at your doorstep, your business will make money for you even while you sleep.

If you want to increase the profits of your blog, project, or monetize your social networks and online presence, this course is for you.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Your income potential is limited only by your effort and creativity.

Take this course now and learn how to start selling your favorites products worldwide.

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$10.00$20.0050.0% off