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MongoDB Developer and Administrator Certification Training

MongoDB Developer and Administrator Certification Training

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MongoDB Developer and Administrator Certification Training

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What is this course about?

MongoDB Developer and Administrator certification from Simplilearn would equip you to master the skills to become MongoDB experienced professional.

You would become job ready by mastering data modelling, ingestion, query and Sharding, Data Replication with MongoDB along with installing, updating and maintaining MongoDB environment.


What are the course objectives?

At the end of Simplilearn’s training in MongoDB developer and administrator, you will be able to:

  • Develop an expertise in writing Java and Node JS applications using MongoDB

  • Master the skills of Replication and Sharding of data in MongoDB to optimize read / write performance

  • Perform installation, configuration and maintenance of MongoDB environment

  • Get hands-on experience in creating and managing different types of indexes in MongoDB for query execution

  • Develop skillsets in processing huge amounts of data using MongoDB tools

  • Proficiently store unstructured data in MongoDB

  • Gain proficiency in MongoDB configuration, backup methods as well as monitoring and operational strategies

  • Acquire in-depth understanding of managing DB Notes, replica set & Master-Slave concepts


Who should do this course?

The MongoDB Certification course is ideal for professionals aspiring for a career in NoSQL databases and MongoDB. The course is suited for:

  • Database Administrators
  • Database Architects
  • Software Developers
  • Software Architects
  • Database Professionals
  • Project Managers
  • IT developers, Testers
  • Analytics professionals
  • Research professionals
  • System Administrators

What are the prerequisites for the course?

The prerequisites for the MongoDB Certification course are:
  • Fundamental knowledge of any programming language
  • Basic understanding of any database, SQL, and query language for databases
  • Working knowledge of Linux or Unix based systems (not mandatory)
It is recommended to do at least one of the following two courses.  As it provides an excellent foundation for this course.
  • Big Data Hadoop Developer
  • Big Data Hadoop Administrator

How would this Certification help me building a career in Big Data Hadoop?

This certification would equip you with skillsets to become MongoDB specialist on the top of Hadoop Developer or Hadoop Administrator skillsets.
After completion of this course we would recommend you to enhance your Big Data Hadoop expertize by acquiring skills with following Big Data Hadoop Certifications.
  • Real time processing and real time analytics with Big Data
    • Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training
    • Apache Storm Certification Training
    • Apache Kafka Certification Training
  • Real time interactive analysis of the Big data via a native SQL environment
    • Impala - An Open Source SQL Engine for Hadoop Training
These certifications would certainly make you proficient with skillsets required for building a career path from Big Data Hadoop developer to Big Data Hadoop Architect.

What project will you be working on?

Domain: E-Learning Industry

Problem Statement:
Design a Web application for a leading E-learning organization using MongoDB to support read and write scalability. You can use web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript (JSP), Servlet, and Java. Using this Web application, a user should able to add, retrieve, edit, and delete the course information using MongoDB as the backend database.  Screenshots for the GUI are shown below.  Note that it is not mandatory to use Java technologies. You can choose any technology that you are comfortable with to design this Web application.

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