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PHP to Laravel Essentials

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PHP remains one of the most popular languages on the web. Ready to get started and dive right in to PHP? Start with our most popular PHP course to learn the fundamentals before going deeper with some solid testing practices, object-oriented programming and Agile design. Then when you’re ready, jump into learning the clean, classy Laravel framework.

In addition to the courses in this bundle, we recommend you take advantage of these free Tuts+ courses:


So you’ve learned the basics (HTML and CSS) and are now ready to dig into building your own dynamic websites? Congratulations for getting this far—now it’s time for the fun part! In this course I’ll teach you, from scratch, how to use PHP. We’ll also, naturally, have to learn a bit of MySQL in the process!

  • Fundamental PHP concepts
  • Test-driven development
  • Object-oriented programming
  • How to build practical web applications

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