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Raspberry Pi Robotics

Raspberry Pi Robotics

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Raspberry Pi Robotics

Course Description

After creating a successful intermediate course on IoT, We are back with another stunning course that will take your intermediate coding skills to the advance level. Raspberry Pi Robotics is ideal for those who are inquisitive in exploring the possibilities of IoT using Raspberry Pi 2. The course assumes basic knowledge of computer hardware and software. However, knowledge of Python programming will help you in getting up to speed.

You will learn how to connect L239D Integrated circuit to the GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi and control the DC bo motor. You will code the integrated circuit to rotate the motor in different directions and accept the user keyboard input to run the robot in user defined space. Implementation of IoT through Python programming will make the device remotely accessible. If you are a technology enthusiast and want to learn the cutting edge technology then this is the right course for you.

The course provides the complete source code of the real time project.

The entire course can be completed over a fortnight, including the hardware assembly and coding in Python programming.

By the end of this course, you will have fundamental knowledge about building a basic robot using Raspberry Pi 2 and control it remotely.

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What are the requirements?

  • Basic knowledge of Python programming.

  • Basic knowledge of handling Raspberry Pi.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 20 lectures and 35 mins of content!

  • Learn how to connect L239D integrated circuit to the GPIO pins of Raspberry Pi.

  • Get to know how to use the concept of dual H bridge and run the motor in different directions.

  • Learn how to capture keyboard key stroke using Python programming.

  • Learn to Code using Python programming and control the robot wirelessly.

What is the target audience?

  • This is an advance course on Raspberry Pi 2 meant for those who want to explore the possibilities of robotics using the mini kit.



Learn how to program L239D IC and ride the robot in different directions.

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$10.00$95.0089.5% off