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Scholarly Communication

Scholarly Communication

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Scholarly Communication

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About this Course

Scholarly Communication is a concise but comprehensive course on how to write research papers in English. The course will help the candidates gain a better understanding of the rhetorical conventions of English and the common challenges the candidates may face as an academic writer. The course provides instruction, exercises, structure, and deadlines needed to create a publishable paper.


The aim of the course is to improve competence in scholarly communications by deepening knowledge of the core features of the scientific writing style. It presents and analyzes the unwritten rules of scientific writing, the ones candidates most likely never learned in academic writing. The course will enable the candidates to write clear, detailed and well-structured scientific texts appropriate to a suitable academic journal. In particular, they will develop an awareness of fundamental concepts of academic writing, such as contrastive rhetoric, logical organization, and argumentation. In addition, they will develop skills for self-editing and revision techniques, including editing for precision and clarity. They will also gain a deeper understanding of how to prepare a scientific paper using the IMRAD format. Finally, the candidates will develop an enhanced understanding of the concept of academic integrity and the ethics of scientific writing. The candidates will be able to overcome anxiety about academic publishing and get their research papers published in international journals.


Week 1

Science Writing

  1. Introduction Lesson
  2. Conventions
  3. Clarity of Thought
  4. Mighty Words
  5. Review
  1. Quiz: End-Of-Module Test
Week 2

The Challenge

  1. Pet Peeves
  2. Sentence Structure
  3. Internal Structure
  4. Review
  1. Quiz: End-Of-Module Test
Week 3

The Manuscript

  1. The Road Map
  2. Action & Resolution
  3. Elbow Grease
  4. Review
  1. Quiz: End-of-Module Test
Week 4

Scientific Communication

  1. Rules of Thumb
  2. Final Thoughts
  3. End-of-course review

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