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Supply Chain Management

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This course gives an understanding of Supply Chain Management and its elements. The course will cover the understanding of supply chain, its drivers, network designing, demand forecasting, aggregate planning, and coordination uncertainties in SCM and inventory management.


About the Course

Edureka's Supply Chain Management (SCM) course is a scientifically designed course which intends to impart the knowledge related to various aspects of Supply Chain Management. This is an elaborate course in which the details of supply chain, its elements, its dependencies and solution designs will be taught. This course will cover the basics of supply chain, the factors that impact it, the tools that are used to improve its performance and inventory optimization. The attendees will be able to understand, design, develop and implement supply chain solutions after undergoing this course. Attendees will also get to implement one project towards the end of the course.

Course Objectives

After the completion of the SCM course at Edureka, you will be able to understand the following: 
1. The nature of SCM, its goal, its decision phases and classification of various supply chains in industries. You will also be able to understand the importance of achieving strategic fit and the major challenges in its implementation. 
2. The major retardants in supply chain development, identify the major drivers of SCM and the role that they play. You will also be able to understand and define the key matrices used to track supply chain performances. 
3. Identify the key factors to be considered in designing of a distribution network. After undergoing this module you will also be able to understand the role of network design in SCM and various factors that impact it's designing. You will also be able to develop a framework for network design and decisions. 
4. The role of global supply chain in SCM and various factors that impact it. You will also be able to understand the various strategies for risk mitigation. This module will give you an insight into various decision making methodologies. 
5. Insight into demand forecasting, its factors, tools to analyse it and framework designing to develop a better forecasting. You will also get a deeper understanding of what aggregate planning is, how it's done, what are the factors that may impact it. You will be able to develop a framework for analysis. 
6. The various elements of variabilities in a supply chain and measures to mitigate the variabilities. You will be able to understand the importance of coordination of resources in supply chain and how to do it? 
7. Role of cycle inventory and safety inventory and factors that influence it. You will be able to take measures to improve product availability and can design various levers for reduction of uncertainties in inventory optimization 
8. The impact that optimization of inventory can have on entire supply chain. You will also be able to identify levers to optimize inventory levels.

Who should go for this Course?

This course will lay a solid foundation for anyone who aspires to become a supply chain expert, practitioner or educator. It will be especially beneficial for all those who are in the Supply Chain Management processes or business and want to get a deeper insight. You will gain an understanding of the techniques required for managing and improving the integration of design, resources, processes and customer requirements.

Why learn Supply Chain Management?

In today's world of integrated business management, It is very important to realize and understand the flow of decision, materials and resources in a process. Understanding of this nature is provided by concepts of Supply Chain Management. Supply Chain Management will enable you to understand and resolve complex business problems related to the movement of products and services from the manufacturer or provider to the end customer.

Which Case-Studies will be a part of the Course?

Project 1: To be decided and informed based on student profiles

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